• General Post Office, The Valley, AI-2640, Anguilla
  • Phone: (264) 497 2528
  • postoffice@gov.ai

Structure of the General Post Office


The management of the General Post Office comprises the Postmaster General and two Deputy Postmaster Generals.

The Postmaster General manages the overall operation and administration of the General Post Office and devises the strategic direction to ensure a modern and commercially viable and efficiently operated service.

The Deputy Postmaster General - Commercial/Marketing manages, monitors, and coordinates the operations of the Philatelic Bureau and all other Commercial Services of the General Post Office. The Deputy Postmaster also continually develops and implements appropriate marketing strategies and programmes and provides administrative and technical support to the Postmaster General as necessary to achieve the objectives and goals of the department.

The Deputy Postmaster - Operations & International Postal Affairs directs and coordinates the operational, administrative, management, and supportive services/mail services of the Post Office in accordance with established UPU regulations and security standards and provides technical guidance and support to the Postmaster General.

Together with the middle managers/supervisors and their teams, the management of the General Post Office ensures that the overall mandate of the General Post Office is achieved while always prioritizing and ensuring that its customers are experiencing the service that they deserve.

Revenue Collection/Counter Operations Section

The Counter Operations Section is managed by the Supervisor Postal Services - Counter Operations. The Supervisor of Postal Services- Counter Operations is responsible for supervising and coordinating the operations of the counter services to provide a customer-oriented, effective, and efficient service.

This section:

  • Collects all revenue received from the e-commerce services, sales of stamps, Post Office Box Rental, MoneyGram transfer service, Water bill payments, and other services.
  • Ensures that all revenue collected is accounted for and submitted to the Accounts Department daily.

Mail Movement Section

The Mail Movement Section is managed by the Supervisor Postal Services - Mail Movement

This section:

  • Is responsible for implementing practices and procedures in accordance with the Universal Postal Union and international standards ensuring a secure and efficient mail movement service.
  • Receives and delivers mail items locally at the General Post Office, to Post Office Boxes, or via the Travelling Branch.
  • Receives and dispatches mail items regionally and internationally.
  • Manages the rental of Post Office Boxes.

Accounts Section

The Accounts is managed by the Accounts Manager/Supervisor who is assisted by an Accounts Officer

This section:

  • Develops, manages, monitors, and controls the operations of the accounts unit to ensure that financial statements, accounts, and records for the General Post Office are consistent with established departmental and governmental policies, ordinances and regulations, and Postal Regulations.
  • Verifies that all revenue collected is accurately accounted for and recorded.

E-commerce and Philatelic Section

The E-commerce and Philatelic section is managed by the Supervisor Postal Services -Philatelic Bureau & Commercial Services

This section:

  • Coordinates the operations of the Philately services for the production, marketing, and sale of all postage stamps, by-products, and the Post Shop.
  • Collects, processes, stores, and places out for delivery all packages received via the General Post Office's e-commerce services; Home Shopping and eZone.
  • Assists e-commerce customers with inquiries and utilizes the e-commerce web-based systems.
  • Monitors the movement of e-commerce packages received.

Administrative - Executive Secretary

This section provides administrative and management support services for the General Post Office to enable the smooth functioning of the office.