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Private Bag Delivery Service Agreement


This agreement made on the   day of       20, between the Postmaster General and (hereinafter called the customer) is for the Private Bag Delivery service for the delivery of Letter Mail to the customer at the address provided upon the signing of this agreement.

  1. The customer will provide two bags or containers with a lock and two keys for each. The bags or containers should be clearly marked with the customer's name and be large enough to contain the volume of mail anticipated. One key for each bag or container should be labeled with the customer's name and be left with the Customer Service office at the General Post Office (GPO).

  2. On payment of the charge provided for in paragraph 7 below, the Postmaster General will allocate a Private Bag Number to the bag or container and all mail arriving at the GPO addressed to the customer at that bag number, or at any GPO box rented by the customer, will be placed in the bag or container which shall be locked at the GPO and conveyed to the address shown above. Registered mail will be included in the bag or container and the officer conveying the bag will require a signature from the customer on the official receipt. Parcels on which no charges are due will also be delivered.

  3. The Private Bag Delivery should normally be made between 11:00 am - 12:00 noon, Mondays to Fridays excluding any Public Holidays

  4. On delivery of the first private bag the GPO will collect the second private bag and return it to the GPO and will convey any contents for posting at the GPO to ensure dispatch with the next outgoing mail. All mail to be posted must be fully paid either by postage stamps or a postage meter. The customer may place a requisition for stamps in an envelope addressed to the “STAMP CLERK” with cash or cheque enclosed or remit payment via the General Post Office online payment system at hss.gov.ai. The postage stamps will be returned on the next delivery of the private bag.

  5. This agreement will run for 12 months from January through to December of each year, with automatic yearly renewal. The execution and signing of a new agreement will not be required. However, payment terms as outlined in paragraph 7 of this agreement apply. Failure to pay the applicable charge provided for this agreement before January 31stof each year will result in the agreement being terminated without further notice.

  6. The customer may terminate the agreement by giving not less than one month's notice to the Postmaster General and mail will be redirected, as the customer requires. Any monies paid in advance by the customer under paragraph 7 of this agreement shall then be refunded less deductions for any service provided up to the date of receipt by the Postmaster General of the notice of termination.

  7. The cost for this service will be EC $1226.49 annually, payable during the month of January each year.Where the service is applied for during the current year, payment will be made based on a pro-rata basis until December 31st. No redirection charges will be made for transferring mail from an existing rented GPO box to the private bag or container until the current rental on the GPO expires following which normal redirection charges will apply. Rates are subject to change without prior notice as required.

  8. The customer will ensure that a responsible person shall be available to take receipt of the delivered bag or container at a predetermined hand-over point, normally a reception area. The Postmaster General may require an unsuitable hand-over point to be changed. The GPO can accept no responsibility for mail once it has been delivered to the nominated hand-over point.

  9. The General Post Office has the right to terminate this agreement if it is found that the customer:

    1. is using the service for illegal activity
    2. has refused to remit payment for service rendered
    3. has verbally or physically abused a postal officer during the provision of this service

  10. The customer is requested to inform his/her clients and customers of his/her correct address, as per the Private Bag Delivery number to be provided by the GPO upon signing of this agreement and payment of applicable rental charges.

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