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The Anguilla Postal Service

The Valley,
Anguilla, BWI
Tel: (264) 497-2528
Fax: (264) 497-5455


Bulk Mail

Send your extra large number of letters, packages or parcels via our Bulk mail service.

1) Dispatches to International destinations
2) Reduced Postal Rates
3) Timely Delivery

Direct Mail

What is Direct Mail?

Direct Mail can be used to market your business making the public aware of who you are and what your business offers.

Direct Mail can also be used to:

1) Market new products and services
2) Advertise the opening of a new business, sale or liquidation
3) Promote special events such as;
4) Fund raisers
5) Community activities
6) Concerts, international and regional guest artist shows

Benefits derived from using your Post
Office Direct Mail Service.

1) It targets current and potential customers
2) Increases sales and revenue 3) Develops brand recognition
4) Generates interest in a new product or Service
5) Encourages potential customers to visit your store, website or event
6) Gives access to a wider range of clientele
7) Cost effective medium

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    Send time sensitive letters/packets via our speedy express mail service.

  • Lowest courier service rates
  • International delivery
  • Direct local delivery

EZone (Express Delivery Air)

The Anguilla Post Office is pleased to announce its newest service, Ezone Express Delivery; which will complement our Ocean freight service (Home Shopping),  this new option is intended for the shipment of small packages from the United States of America by air.   As you are aware, all items received at our USA addresses are shipped to Anguilla once a week by Ocean freight (boat).  Once shipped, the items usually take an additional week to arrive on Anguilla.   With the Ezone Express Delivery Service, items will be shipped two to three times a week to Anguilla depending on volume.

To register for this service, please visit the Home Shopping window at the Anguilla Post Office to complete our Ezone Express Delivery agreement application or download email of fax the attached Ezone application form. Read More

Floral Delivery

Send Flowers regionally and internationally through the Anguilla Postal Service.

Let your relatives and friends know you care by sending bouquets of cheer.  Greet that special someone with a floral arrangement delivered through your Post Office.

  1. Arrangements delivered on schedule
  2. Delivery to international destinations
  3. Fixed service rate
  4. Unlimited price options
Contact us for further information.

Home Shopping Service

“From  your supplier in the USA directly into your local Letterbox."

The General Post Office proudly announce the implementation of one of its newest service “Home Shopping”.  This innovative service allows you to order items from the USA and have them delivered directly to your Letterbox at competitive rates.
We have long recognized the inconvenience persons  experience when ordering items from the United States of America where the majority of catalog and other mail order companies are unable to deliver to Anguilla and other Caribbean            destinations. With the introduction of our Home Shopping service your local Post Office has come to the aid of you the customer.

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Money Gram

MoneyGram understands you have a choice to which company you send money with.  So we work to bring you true flexibility.  With over 22,6000 agent locations all across Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean there’s always a convenient choice to send and receive money. 

And depending on where you’re sending money – you have a choice of currency, of it’s even more convenient for your receiver!

We understand how hard you work, that’s why we keep fees low so your money can go even further.

Imagine sending $100.00 world wide at a cost of US $12.00.  

Visit the Anguilla Post Office and send money fast

Money Transfer

With the introduction of our Money Transfer  service, we have eliminated the need to stand in long queues and extensive processing  experienced at most financial institutions.  Send Money through the Anguilla Post Office and have the payee collect at their local Post Office.  We offer:-

  1. Transfers to most Caribbean destinations
  2. Same day payment of funds
  3. Funds payable in US Currency (where allowed)
  4. Competitive service rates
  5. Fast and reliable service

  Countries currently being served are:

  • Montserrat
  • Guyana
  • St. Kitts
  • St. Lucia
  • Antigua
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Dominica

Philatelic Service

Known internationally for its extra ordinarily beautiful stamps, Anguilla continues through its Philatelic Bureau to be a  popular thematic source.
We offer:-

Six commemorative themes annually

  1. Standing Order mail service/Miscellaneous ordering
  2. Payment by Visa/Master card
  3. Stamp collectors’ albums/Beginners’ Kits
  4. Thematic T-Shirts/Souvenirs
Collect and treasure your own exquisite stamps; they are an inexpensive investment.

Post Shop

This addition to your Post Office allows you to take advantage of a one stop shop, offering;

Stationery:- Writing pads, envelopes
Packaging material:- Posting boxes, bubble wrap, tape, padded envelopes etc.
Phone cards
Post Cards and greeting cards
Gift and souvenir items

View our Post Shop display in the Customer area for a   comprehensive look at what we have to offer.

View Post Shop Price List

Private Bag Delivery And Pick Up

This service is designed especially for our business clientele who require on time delivery and collection of their important mail.

  • Daily delivery and pick up of mail to and from your place of business
  • Eliminates use of  Officer/Messenger
  • Attractive rates
  • High level security
  • Rates paid annually

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Philatelic Bureau

Stamp Release - 25/11/2013

Anguilla Seafaring Captains (part1)

Anguilla Seafaring Captains (part1)