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Anguilla Seafaring Captains (part1)
25th November, 2013
Set: 9.99 | SS: 14.50 | FDC: 16.50

Anguilla’s long legacy of seafaring history is nothing short of legendary. The turn of the 20th century saw the emergence of a rare breed of enterprising, adventurous and sea-hardened young men who by necessity had invested their time, talents and futures in providing a most vital economic and communication link with their native Anguilla and the entire eastern Caribbean and regions beyond. “Anguilla Seafaring Captains” is a two part stamp issue which is intended to capture the entrepreneurial spirit of these exceptional native sons and document the critical role they played in establishing and maintaining Anguilla’s fledgling economy which was and is inextricably linked to the sea. The Anguilla Philatelic Bureau in association with the Anguilla Stamp Advisory Committee is pleased to present, “Anguilla Seafaring Captains” (Part 1), in tribute to eight experienced navigators and in some instances, accomplished shipwrights who built and commanded their seagoing vessels. It is hoped that this intriguing indigenous stamp issue will again capture the interest of Philatelist who collect themes presented by the Anguilla Philatelic Bureau as well as attract the attention of other collectors who are fascinated by marine related themes. This stamp issue complements the definitive collection, “Past Sailing Vessels of Anguilla”, released in 2003.

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Philatelic Bureau

Stamp Release - 25/11/2013

Anguilla Seafaring Captains (part1)

Anguilla Seafaring Captains (part1)