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Ezone (Express Delivery Air)

The Anguilla Post Office is pleased to announce its newest service, Ezone Express Delivery; which will complement our Ocean freight service (Home Shopping),  this new option is intended for the shipment of small packages from the United States of America by air.   As you are aware, all items received at our USA addresses are shipped to Anguilla once a week by Ocean freight (boat).  Once shipped, the items usually take an additional week to arrive on Anguilla.   With the Ezone Express Delivery Service, items will be shipped two to three times a week to Anguilla depending on volume.

To register for this service, please visit the Home Shopping window at the Anguilla Post Office to complete our Ezone Express Delivery agreement application or download email of fax the attached Ezone application form.  (insert link)

Registration/Annual fee:

  1. EC $50.00 for persons who already own a Home Shopping (ocean) account
  2. EC $100.00 for persons who which to register only for the Ezone Express Delivery  Service (Air)
  3. EC $150.00 for persons who would like to register for our Home Shopping and Ezone Express Delivery Service (Air)

The fees stated in (i ), (ii) and (iii) covers two persons, EC $10.00 is required annually for each additional person who will use the account.  ALL names MUST be given or entered into the client information. One person will be responsible for all charges and notices are sent to one email address.

Upon registration, each account will be assigned a unique customer number which must be included  in the shipping address to be provided.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) requires that their PS Form 1583 “Application for Delivery of mail through Agent” be completed in order to have your item exported from the United States of America.       Applicants would be required to present two forms of identification when registering for this service; Passport and Driver’s License are prefered.


  1. Insurance fees are USD$1.00 for every USD$100.00 of insured value worth or part thereof

 NB: Any package received without an invoice will only be insured for maximum of USD$100.00

  1. Packages are insured for 150% of their invoice value.
  2. Insurance will be deducted automatically

An Insurance waiver notice must be completed if customer does not wish to have items insured.


  1. All customers will be notified by Ezone office in Miami by email when a package has been received in Miami.
  2. All customers will be notified by the Anguilla Post Office by email after the package has been received on Anguilla, processed and ready for pick up.
  1. Information regarding number of items received, freight and insurance cost will also be included in the email notification sent from the Anguilla Post Office.

All customers would be able to log on to Ezone website using his/her customer number and password to track the status of their package (s) and view account history online. 

In accordance with the United States of America “Violators of Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR Parts 171-180)”  all Packages received at Ezone  Miami will be opened to determine if they conform to exporting requirements and do not contain hazardous material.  Items identified as not acceptable to be shipped by air will be held and addressee contacted to ascertain how the item should be handled.
Many more interesting features and information not indicated above are available with this new service.

Introductory rates:

Min. Charge


Freight Rates

From (lbs)

To (lbs)





Over 4 lbs


USD$3.00 per lb + min. charge


3 lb package
Charge:  US $12.00

5 lb package 
Charge: US 12.00 + 3.00  = US $15.00

6 lb package
U$ 12.00 + 6.00  = US $18.00

Hazardous material:
Dry ice, gasoline-powered tools , wet-cell batteries, camping equipment with fuel, poisons,  
infectious substances
Negotiable securities
Animal skins
Fireworks: Signal flares, sparklers or other explosives
Flammable liquids or Solids:  Fuel, paints lighter refills, matches, cologne, perfume
Household items:  Drain Cleaners and solvents
Pressure containers: Spray cans, butane fuel, scuba tanks, propane tanks, CO2  cartridges,        self-inflating rafts, etc.
Weapons: Firearms, ammunition, gunpowder, mace, tear gas or pepper spray
Illegal drugs
Radio active material

Many common items used everyday in the home or workplace may seem  harmless, however, when transported by air, they can be very dangerous.  In flight, variations in temperature and pressure can cause items to leak, generate toxic fumes or start a fire.

For further information contact us or visit Ezone’s website at www.getezone.com


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